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Some Truths at the Heart of Distance

I've been with Ben for well over a year now, and for about half of that time, we've lived hours apart from one another.  In July, when I travel to New Zealand, we'll be 8,164 miles apart, with most of the US and an ocean in between us. We both know how difficult this type of relationship is, but we choose to make it work everyday because we know that in the end, it will be worth it. 
Ben and I before we went to see the musical Wicked last April. 
Saying “goodbye” never gets any easier.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful our time spent together has been, and forget the fact that I’ll see him in a few weeks; that final “goodbye” will always bring tears to my eyes.The hour or two leading up to his (or my) departure is an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs, laughter and tears.One moment, I feel incredibly happy knowing how lucky I am to have someone in my life that is so supportive and caring.  The next, I’m in tears when I realize that we're about to drive in opposite d…

February 2015 + Study Abroad News!

It's so hard to believe that it's already March! Where does all the time go? I only have about two months left of my freshman year in college, which just blows my mind! My dad told me that this year would fly by, but I didn't realize it would go this quickly. Here's a look back at February: a month filled with snow days, busy weeks at school, and wonderful memories.
Valentine's Day Weekend  Ben came up to see me for the weekend!  We, along with everyone else in the Knoxville area, decided to eat brunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe, which is definitely a place you should try out if you're ever in Knoxville. Tupelo Honey is famous for their biscuits; they put Cracker Barrel to shame! We had a wonderful weekend, and Ben bought me a beautiful green dress and matching earrings for Valentine's Day.  (Unfortunately, Ben and I always forget to take pictures, so here's a picture we took when we went ice skating the last time he came to see me.) 

Fauré Requiem I'm in the…