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Random Update

I'm halfway finished with my spring semester, and let me tell ya, it's been a rough one. I'm taking an extremely tough course load, and I'm already playing that game where you check the syllabus after every test to see what you have to make on the next ones to get an A in the course. I'm trying to brace myself and my stubborn, perfectionistic pride for when I most likely get a B this semester, unless a miracle happens. (Gasp! Shocking, right?) Between Anatomy, Physiology, and Organic Chemistry, I'm constantly studying, which is great, but it can get tiring and overwhelming. Plus, I never feel like I can get ahead.
Speaking of getting ahead... I've recently decided to finish undergrad a year early. I have to take a few classes this summer, but since Ben and I will be living in Knoxville anyway, I'm sure that will work out great. Since I had some dual enrollment classes in high school, I'm already a step ahead, despite the fact that I spent a semeste…