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Wedding Pictures

I finished my last summer class this morning, and my senior year of college begins next Wednesday. How is it possible that I'm already a senior? Granted, I will be finishing my undergraduate career in 3 years and will have spent only 5 semesters at a school where most students spend 8. In just a year I'll be beginning pharmacy school, hopefully, and that just seems impossible to me! It seems like just yesterday my parents were moving me into my freshman dorm, which is what they'll be doing later this week for my sister Julie.  Since that day, so much in my life has changed. I studied abroad, did some (but not enough) traveling, made new friends, got engaged, took the PCAT, and got married in a rush of three amazing years.
The last of that list has definitely been the most exciting and the most wonderful. Married life really is incredible! Ben and I spent the majority of our dating years in a long-distance relationship, and I truly believe that that has given us so much mo…