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"Over snow by winter sown"

I woke up this morning to an email informing me that school had been cancelled for the day! Yay! My plans for the day are to curl up with a cup of coffee (Starbucks blonde roast, with caramel macchiato creamer) and a good book my chemistry book. I have a chemistry test tomorrow, along with a handful of assignments that I need to finish before I head home for the weekend. This snow came at a perfect time! (Thank you, God! You knew exactly what I needed.) I have the whole day to study, get ahead on my homework, and explore my winter wonderland.

Last week, we got mostly ice and rather ugly snow, but today, the fluffy snow is quite pretty. This morning, I took a walk around campus, and it's amazing how a 4-inch layer of snow changes everything! Usually boring buildings and parks took on a whole new look, and I'd like to share some of the pictures I took this morning. (I only wish I had gone out just a little earlier before the snow plows came and made a slushy mess of everything.)


Study Abroad Update

For those of you who don't already know, I received an email a couple weeks ago informing me that my ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) application was accepted!  This means, that my application will be reviewed for the exchange program, and if I am not able to get in, I will be placed into the direct study program. 
What's the difference? Basically, the difference between the exchange and the direct program is the cost.  In the exchange program, I would "trade places" with a student at Massey University in Palmerston North (or Palmy North, as the Kiwi call it).  They would attend school here, I would attend school there, and we would each pay our home university. The benefit of this program is that my scholarships can be directly applied to the student's tuition and fees with little hassle. Also, I would only have to come up with money for a plane ticket and spending money for travel, as everything else would be paid for. The direct program, on the o…

It really is the little things...

On this cold, snowy afternoon, I've compiled a list of some of the material things I am thankful for. 
The box of fruit my mom sent me My mom sends the most unique care packages ever, and I absolutely love them! Last time I was home for the weekend, I was talking to my mom about how expensive fruit is.  I really enjoy eating fruit, and sometimes grabbing an apple on my way out of the cafeteria just doesn't cut it. (Once, I was planning on buying a plastic tub of assorted fruit from Publix, but it was almost $12. Never mind. I don't need vitamin C that bad.) So, for Valentine's Day, my mom sent me a box filled with apples, oranges, bananas, and some caramel dip, along with a Cracker Barrel gift card for Ben and I to use. My mom is awesome!
My water bottle My purple 22 ounce water bottle never leaves my side. I carry it with me everywhere I go, whether it's to class, or to the gym, or to go eat. (This way, I don't have to get one of those tiny water cups they give …

Home Sweet Home To Me

I couldn't agree more, Mr. Denver. But, where exactly is that?  
At this time in my life, I am torn between two places. 
One place, I've known my whole life.  It's comfortable, quiet, and filled with a peace and love that I can't even describe with words. It's where my family, my oldest, dearest friends, and my church family all live. I was born, raised, and born-again here in this place. This place is beautiful, in a serene, safe kind of way with its rolling green hills, family-owned farms, and the one-horse-town of a county seat. 
The other is still quite new to me.  I wouldn't exactly call this place comfortable, either; "electric" or "invigorating" would be much better words. It's loud, filled with challenge and excitement, and is more fun than I ever thought possible. It's where I learn, where I grow both intellectually and spiritually, and where I becomewhatever God wants me to be, whether that's a pharmacist, a teacher, or a …

When I should be studying...

As soon as I sit down to study, so many thoughts run through my head.  I have discovered that I am a productive procrastinator, meaning that instead of putting off studying by wasting time on Pinterest or Facebook, I clean. Or do laundry. Or workout. Anything to keep me from having to study biology! These are the thoughts I had just yesterday when I needed to be studying:
(Enters dorm room.) Hmmm. There's no way I can study in this room. It's a mess! We haven't vacuumed in... well, who knows how long. I know it's not my turn to vacuum, but what would Jesus do? He would totally just vacuum the room. Then, He would study for His biology exam. I mean,  "Let all things be done decently and in order," right? 

(Vacuums room with ultra-cheap Dirt Devil from Target. Finishes 15 minutes later.) That looks so much better! Now I can--Wait. Is that toothpaste on the mirror? How did that get all the way up there? Good thing I brought some Windex from home! I knew this wou…