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Diana's Official Guide to Knoxville

As my time in this "scruffy little city on the Tennessee River" comes to an end (for now), I've put together a short Knoxville travel guide.  Who better to tell you what's out there than someone who's spent the past two semesters in Big Orange Country? These places are some of my favorites, and hopefully I will be able to add more as time goes by!
This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Even if you aren't a Vol fan, Neyland Stadium on game day is something you need to experience at least once! The fifth largest college football stadium in the nation, Neyland Stadium can hold 102,455 people, and game day attendance is usually pretty close to that, especially if another SEC team is in town. The atmosphere is loud, energetic, and fun, and there's orange and white as far as the eye can see! (Being a part of the human checkerboard when the Vols played Florida was so much fun!) Like most large universities, we have an incredible marching band; the first time I he…