July 2015

As of yesterday, I have officially been in New Zealand for a month. I can't believe how quickly this past month has flown by! It feels like yesterday that I arrived in Palmerston North, on that rainy Monday morning. But of course, time really does fly when you're having fun.

Over the past month I have:
- travelled over 16,000 kilometres, which is around 10,000 miles.
- studied and worked hard to stay on top of my assignments so I can travel on weekends.
- played volleyball, climbed rocks, hiked mountains, and splashed in the Tasman Bay.
- seen amazing natural hot springs, blue lakes, rushing waterfalls, and winding rivers.
- enjoyed at least a dozen free pancakes (and three that I actually paid for).
- walked close to 50 miles (or probably more).
- met a handful of amazing friends from across the US.
- caught the travel-bug and the hiking-bug.
- drank the best chai tea latte I have ever had.
- felt absolutely tiny against the towering, snowcapped mountains.
- experienced being on top of the world.
- learned so much about myself and people in general.
- discovered my sense of real adventure.
- seen the beauty of God's amazing creation that is New Zealand.
- had the time of my life.

Remember that time I flew across the world all by myself?
What about when I spent a cloudy day exploring campus?
Or my first adventure in this amazing country?
How about that gorgeous, sunny weekend in New Plymouth when I found my favourite spot on Earth? (So far.)

So, what could August have in store for me? Who knows? But, I know that whatever this month brings will be incredible. Thank you for coming along on this amazing ride with me and for all the prayers and love. I hope you've enjoyed reading about all my many adventures and that you'll stick around to see what's coming with the turn of the calendar page. I've loved writing about all that I've seen and done, and I will do my best to keep you updated throughout the next three months of my time in Aotearoa: The Land of the Long White Cloud, or North Island, New Zealand. 


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