"Over snow by winter sown"

I woke up this morning to an email informing me that school had been cancelled for the day! Yay! My plans for the day are to curl up with a cup of coffee (Starbucks blonde roast, with caramel macchiato creamer) and a good book my chemistry book. I have a chemistry test tomorrow, along with a handful of assignments that I need to finish before I head home for the weekend. This snow came at a perfect time! (Thank you, God! You knew exactly what I needed.) I have the whole day to study, get ahead on my homework, and explore my winter wonderland.

Last week, we got mostly ice and rather ugly snow, but today, the fluffy snow is quite pretty. This morning, I took a walk around campus, and it's amazing how a 4-inch layer of snow changes everything! Usually boring buildings and parks took on a whole new look, and I'd like to share some of the pictures I took this morning. (I only wish I had gone out just a little earlier before the snow plows came and made a slushy mess of everything.)

The mangrove trees on the pedestrian looked so pretty,
and you can really tell how deep the snow is in this picture!

The amphitheater outside of the humanities building,
with the theater in the background.
This is the most stereotypical picture from the University of Tennessee,
but you can easily see why. (Notice the checkerboard pattern on the clocktower-
how the phrase "to the checkerboard" and our famous end zones originated.)

Hardcore sledders and snowboarders took to The Hill bright and early this morning.
It looked like so much fun, and I wish I could have joined them. 

The bottom of The Hill.

"One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others."
-The Volunteer Creed
(On a side note, a professor once told me that education is the only thing people will pay for and then be happy to get less of it. Yes sir, that just about sums it up.)

(Another side note, these pictures were taken with my sad, little iPhone 4S, which unfortunately is on its last leg. I'm currently looking for a nice, good priced camera for my trip to New Zealand. I don't need something fancy- I don't claim to be a photographer. But, I do need something relatively lightweight and sturdy enough for "tramping" through the mountains. I don't want to have to worry about breaking a super expensive camera, although I would like to be able to take some good quality pictures in one of the world's most scenic nations. I would love to hear any suggestions!)


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