When I should be studying...

As soon as I sit down to study, so many thoughts run through my head.  I have discovered that I am a productive procrastinator, meaning that instead of putting off studying by wasting time on Pinterest or Facebook, I clean. Or do laundry. Or workout. Anything to keep me from having to study biology! These are the thoughts I had just yesterday when I needed to be studying:

(Enters dorm room.) Hmmm. There's no way I can study in this room. It's a mess! We haven't vacuumed in... well, who knows how long. I know it's not my turn to vacuum, but what would Jesus do? He would totally just vacuum the room. Then, He would study for His biology exam. I mean,  "Let all things be done decently and in order," right? 

(Vacuums room with ultra-cheap Dirt Devil from Target. Finishes 15 minutes later.) That looks so much better! Now I can--Wait. Is that toothpaste on the mirror? How did that get all the way up there? Good thing I brought some Windex from home! I knew this would come in handy. And it cleans the countertop pretty well, also! I wonder if I have everything I need to give my Keurig a deep clean? While I'm at it, I might as well Swiffer my side of the room. And the TV. 

(Notices somewhat-full laundry bag.) It's been at least a week since I've done laundry. I could put some clothes in to wash, and then come back and study while I wait for them to finish. Where's my fabric softener? Gosh, I really need to get organized. That's what I'll do! While my clothes are in the wash, I'll organize my closet. I'll be able to study better knowing that my life is completely in order. Plus, I'll be able to find everything so much quicker, so this is actually saving me time in the long run!

(Organizes closet and drawers and binders, for the tenth time, probably. Finds Nikes under the bed.) I really need to get back to working out everyday. The laundry only has 45 minutes left until it's dry, and the fitness room is right beside the laundry room. I know what I'll do. I'll go use the elliptical while I wait for the dryer to stop! I love working out! And I really need to exercise, since I missed my usual yoga class at the rec center this morning. 

(Finally makes it back to the room with laundry bag.) After I finish putting these clothes away, I really should take a shower. I feel super gross after that workout. But think about all the calories I just burned! And doesn't cleaning burn a lot of calories, too? I should Google that. Ooh! A text from Alexis! Well, of course I'd like to go to Panda Express! I've been craving their orange chicken, lately. I'll take a quick shower, then go eat, and then I will study for the rest of the night. I've got plenty of time! 

(Returns to room after dinner.) It's gotten so late! Where did all the time go? At least I've accomplished a lot today. Except studying. No worries! The test isn't until next week. I'll study tomorrow morning at breakfast! But right now, I would rather FaceTime Ben. I mean, I haven't been able to talk to him since yesterday morning. I'm sure he would appreciate a FaceTime date, and I'll have plenty of time to study tomorrow. Perfect! I'll study tomorrow before Bible study. After I finish my stats homework.  


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